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The puzzle games are one of the most played games categories across the globe and people of all ages love to solve puzzles and overt time, there have been many changes in the puzzle games and tons of new categories within the puzzle games have been introduced it brain teasers, IQ testing games, word puzzles, Spelling Games and many many more. Today We will be talking about a new and super fun game in the word spelling category that has got tons of love and attention from the gamers around the world, which is "OUTSPELL".

Outspell is a word-spelling puzzle game which at first might look like just another ordinary scrabble game but it takes the scrabble puzzle game to a much higher level with a bunch of exciting twists and turns that makes the game much more enjoyable than the other words puzzle games out there on the internet. It tests your knowledge and strategic thinking along with your puzzle-solving skills as it pushes the limit of your vocabulary in order to find the words of the greatest value.

The player gets some tiles in the start with random alphabets and they have to place them across the board, which also has some score multiplier tiles on it and in order to get the most score, you need to come up with the most valuable and meaningful word to get much higher score points.

Outspell helps you enhance and polish your vocabulary knowledge and develop puzzle-solving skills. So you can do some positive exercise for your brain while having a lot of fun in the process.

How to play Outspell Online?

Just like any other puzzle game, Outspell is very easy to play with all the instructions that are already displayed for you on the screen, So in order to get things going here are the very simple steps that you need to follow.

Outspell Game Screenshots

outspell puzzle word with eighty eight tiles
outspell's dictionary where to get more words

More about OutSpell Game

Outspell was released in the year of 2016 by the publisher, Arkadium Games, in the puzzle game category. Soon after its release, it became one of the most popular online puzzle games of all time drawing in millions of puzzle game lovers from all around the globe.

As the world of the puzzle games is becoming more and more logically difficult to pass through, the player's expectations keep rising with it, So outspell used the combination of classic word puzzle games and a very unique idea of their own to rise up with the ever-growing puzzle gaming industry and that's what the puzzle solvers love about a game, the way of a game to mesmerize the player into its own world. And if you are a puzzle lover then I must say you have come to the right place to play Outspell online.