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Almost every teenager is very keen to experience the latest games. No matter how costly the game is, one will never leave a chance to play it if it’s trendy. Games carry an “out of this world” feeling. If we look back in time, we would realize how the older generation was very passionate about board games. Computer games are spectacular but board games are very unique and require one to put their 100 percent effort to play.

Reflecting in time we have usually heard from our elders that “board games are mind games and it tells how your brain functions”. In the 21st century, we can hardly find board games in our nearest supermarkets, but we’ve come across a board game designed in such a way that can be played on your phones, computers, and even PC. Today, we’ll be giving a brief breakdown of the “Scrabble blast”.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about scrabble board games and the popularity they held in old times. If you’re not familiar with scrabble games then they are board games filled with alphabets and players are required to find various hidden words that are present on the board. There are countless benefits of scrabble games and the list never ends.

What is Scrabble Blast?

Scrabble Blast is an online scrabble game in which the players are required to find various hidden words using their brains and score as many points as they can. The most essential thing about this game is simplicity and universal appeal. Scrabble games were played across the world which makes this game even more iconic to experiment. Numerous features make this game so much appealing and likable. Scrabble blast is a holy grail and should be played by everyone because of the amazing features it offers. Let’s have a look at its features.

Features of Scrabble Blast




Scrabble Blast Game Screenshots

scrabble blast game controls intro.
scrabble blast level 1 where to make words

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kids Should Play Scrabble Blast?

Considering scrabble blast have so many advantages makes it perfect and essential for children to play and most importantly it will improve their English language skills and will testify them to let them know where they stand.

Is Scrabble Blast Hard to Play?

It may seem that Scrabble blast is hard to play but actually, IT IS NOT. It may take you some more time to acknowledge how this game is played but it’s all about how much vocabulary you know and how good you are at building new words.

Are Graphics in Scrabble Blast Very Good?

In order to find an authentic answer to this question, you have to play it first. If I’m talking about my experience then this game is not too well-designed because it is an old game but the features make this game eye-catching. It stands in between classy and modern.

Is Scrabble Blast Available On Playstore / Apple Store?

No. Currently, it is not available on both of these applications but the APK link of this game that we’ve provided gives you an amazing ride to this game without any limitations.


To sum up, we’ve reviewed the game quite fairly and we would recommend everyone to play this game at least once and enjoy the features it offers. With the availability of pros and cons in this article, It is correct to say that this game is so fun and can entertain you no matter what. It improves one’s vocabulary and enhances their skills in the English language. Do not wait play Scrabble blast onlne.